Matthew Y. Wong, PhD

Licensed Psychologist in Austin, Texas providing individual therapy, couples counseling, personal coaching, career counseling, consultation, and psychological assessment


Matthew Y. Wong, PhD
Licensed Psychologist (Texas 32813)

Personal coaching

Optimize life, love, work, and play. Get better and become the better you with support and guidance

Do you seek peace of mind, meaningful work, fulfilling relationships, or enduring contentment? Do you seek to realize the life you envision and have hoped for? Whether you feel stuck where you are, feel set back by challenging life events, or feel ready to embark on a radical life transformation, you might benefit from some professional guidance and feedback. I will meet you where you're at and help you define and reach your personal, relational, and career goals. I will aim to foster a nurturing and appropriately challenging environment to help you overcome barriers and build upon your strengths and achievements. As a personal coach and psychologist, I will help you pivot your life toward finding or creating purpose and meaning. Self-efficacy and joy are important components of good behavioral medicine. 

Psychotherapy & counseling

Develop insight, resilience, confidence, self-compassion and optimism

We as human beings have the capacity to shape our behaviors, expand our points of view, and develop new insights. I will work to listen attentively, understand deeply, find relevant themes and provide compassionate support, perspective, and advice. Whether you come in for individual therapy or couples counseling, I will seek to improve your subjective experience and objective reality.  Depending on your specific situation, personal style, and cultural and other intersecting factors, I will draw from different theories and approaches to personalize your care. I will also embrace your feedback during the course of treatment to determine how adjustments need to be made. My job is to ally and partner with you to help you achieve your therapeutic goals. I want to empower you to take steps to improve your life and relationships, and that applies to the therapy process.  This is the dojo, the lab, the rehearsal studio; let's work it out. I tend to be fairly active in the therapeutic process but remain flexible and adaptive to the needs and preferences of my clients.  

Assessment services

Get to know yourself better

When needed, psychological evaluations can help to clarify diagnoses and inform the treatment process. In general, the assessment seeks to determine a person's strengths and weaknesses. This might include examining various aspects of cognitive functioning, behavior, and personality. This process usually involves a thorough clinical history, review of records, behavioral observations, self-report questionnaires, behavioral ratings, and psychometric testing. The methods used are highly specific to the referring question, and will be adapted to the needs of the situation and nature of the problem. 


Get professional advice and direction

If you are simply seeking short-term, but informed professional advice to address certain situations, consultation might be the most appropriate use of services. Consultation does not involve committed participation in the therapy process but provides a safe environment to gather information, examine prospective choices, channel resources, and make reasoned decisions. This might include seeking advice on dealing with other family members such as a child or a debilitated parent. There might also be a need to help navigate interpersonal situations with employers and employees. It doesn't hurt to ask. Rather, it shows good judgment to seek an objective perspective, deliberate on options, and formulate an action plan.

“Every crisis is an opportunity for growth and development.

Dr. Matt

COVID-19 telehealth and teletherapy

For those who prefer virtual or remote sessions by video or phone, I will continue to offer that option to any client.

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